Our upcoming conference: Picteilín 2016 to be held on the 22nd of January 2016. See http://www.picteilin.com for the full schedule and to register.

Recent event co-organized by the group: Thesis-in-3 Competition, April 2015 for the School of Informatics and Creative Arts  Research Day.

Welcome to the Dundalk Institute of Technology Creative Media Research website.  We are a group of academics aiming to use our multidisciplinary skills to advance new knowledge and initiatives in creative media.

Our research is characterized by a mix of pure and applied research. Applied research is made possibly by a strong base of practical skills (in, for example, film production, drawing, graphic design, tangible interface design, media production, multimedia authoring, narrative writing or game design).  To-date, the group has created short films, fine-art productions, alternate-reality games, mobile technologies, tangible interfaces and multimedia applications.  These artifacts are used to solve practical problems, and to test concepts and design principles.

The group is conducting a series of seminars, workshops and master-classes. They run every fortnight, since January 2010, with visiting speakers from industry and academic circles.  To-date, the series has addressed the following areas: decision making and game theory, visual design, multimedia consultancy, graphic design, e-learning, and citizen democracy. See our events page for details.

We are based in the PJ Carrolls building – an inspiring location. Carrolls is a historical landmark and one of Ireland’s finest buildings.  Built as the Carroll cigarette plant between 1967 and 1970, it is part listed and architecturally distinctive. It is a fine example of modern architecture. The newly refurbished Carrolls contains extensive labs, a darkroom, a radio studio, a film studio, an art studio, screening room, dedicated post grad facilities and a winter garden.  These world-class facilities are expected to continue promoting disciplinary synergies, furthering our research into creative media artifacts that enhance human experience either aesthetically or functionally.

Contact bride.mallon@dkit.ie

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