Outlined below is a list of the members of the Creative Media Research Group in DkIT. Click on each of the individual links for an extended biography of each the researchers:

  • Dr Eamonn Crudden: interests include the use of new communications technologies by social movements in Ireland and abroad in the period 2000-2010; the use of video by international social movements in the period 2000-2010; politicised Irish documentary film-making.
  • Mr Glenn Doyle: currently undertaking a PhD about the ‘growing stigma of photographing children (‘The death of shooting kids)’.
  • Ms Yvonne Igoe: Currently working on a Ph.D. on Irish language current affairs programmes on RTÉ Television.
 Interests include film studies; Irish cinema and media; community media & broadcasting; Irish language media; media representations & reporting; music and film; popular culture & the media; identity & culture.
  • Mr Ronan Lynch: is currently a Doctoral Researcher in the School of Creative Media, in the area of Alternate Reality Gaming and their educational use.
  • Dr Bride Mallon: Bride’s research interests include (i) phenomenological games-research methodologies; (ii) computer game narrative structures; and (iii) user engagement during game-play. She is particularly interested in investigating which aspects of traditional narrative are being invoked in narrative computer games and how best can narrative be used to benefit games.
  • Ms Sarah McCann: Head of Section of Creative Media (former Programme Director, BA in Video & Film Production)
  • Mr Kieran Nolan: Working towards a PhD in the area of videogame interface art and aesthetics. Programme Director of the BA in Media Arts and Technologies. New media artist-researcher and designer.
  • Ms Caroline O’Sullivan: Caroline’s research interests include digital media and contemporary culture, popular music, identity and expression online, emerging ethnographic practices, creative technologies, gender issues in technology and pedagogies for stimulating creativity and innovation.
  • Mr JJ Quinlan: is a lecturer and researcher in Creative Media in DKIT. Before he joined DKIT, he  worked as a Creative director in ‘bespoke training software’ aimed at sales staff of multinational pharmaceutical companies. He was involved in the developing of animation, interactive exercises, video simulations and 3d environment products, making these  the ‘High End’ of the market.
  • Mr Kenneth Sloane: is a graduate of the Institute of Communications Studies at the University of Leeds. His academic interests include areas as diverse as interactive multimedia systems, international relations and film history, theory and criticism.

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